Day 2 of Harrisburg

Amish-Bugyy-ChurchWe got up early as planned and ate a light breakfast in the motor home, then left on our journey/adventure for the date.?? Keep in mind our “bucket list” goal is to set foot in every state of this great nation.? We wanted to visit and absorb all the culture of the Amish that we could because that brings back a lot of memories for me to see all the farm land and how well it is manicured and worked and valued as the source of life that it is.

The farms, barns, silos, in most cases are nicer than the houses, but that doesn’t mean the houses are any less attractive, neat, and well cared for.?? I would simply say that these farmers take care of their equipment, facilities and grounds the way any tradesman would take care of his tools.

We saw plenty of beautiful farms, and of course the frequent Amish buggy and kids out playing.? We ate at one of the Amish family style restaurants and it was delicious and plentiful.? The name of the restaurant was Good-N-Plenty, and boy it was.? We were seated with 3 other families, one from Knoxville and I picked up on their southern nature because she asked her husband if the tea was sweet ;)? and of course it was not. ? There was a nice family from Long Island who were on their way back home from a school concert that their daughter was in, and another family from Boston area and gave us some suggestions for our next leg of this trip which is in Plymouth and Cape Cod.

We drove off the main street where most of the souvenir shops and tourist traps were and saw some of the real shops and crafts that were made the old fashioned way ( by hand ).? We also got drenched as it came a flood and we thought we saw a couple of horses go floating by.

After we saw plenty of the Amish area, we headed off to catch two of our missing states for our bucket list.? Deleware and New Jersey.?? Keep in mind we are from a VERY small town in Alabama, and It was a culture shock to me to have so many spaghetti intersections of about a dozen interstates, and highways all coming together.? Also let me tell those of you who have never been to old Downtown section of Wilmington Delaware, just go ahead and poke sticks under your fingernails, and pour salt in your eyes.?? It will be the same experience ;-)? we definitely drove through areas that we would not be comfortable getting out of the car.?? New Jersey, wasn’t as bad, BUT, they let you in for free, and you have to pay 4 dollars to get out or you are stuck there forever.

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