Alaska 2022 – We took a tour bus and walked to Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria British Columbia

On day 7 we had a bus tour of Victoria British Columbia. The ship docked inside a small inlet of water on the shores of Victoria British Columbia. Our guided tour bus was waiting on us when we got there.

We were incorrectly told that we would be required to wear covid masks in Canada. However, that was not the case. We loaded onto the large tour bus and had to wait about 15 minutes on some folks that didn’t get there on time.

The bus driver was a young man that gave us his life story in a nutshell during the cruise. He was very energetic and knowledgeable and a good driver to navigate that huge bus through city streets and residential areas.

We asked about the primary source of income for the city as we drove by 15-30 million dollar homes. He said the most common source of income was retirement money from wealthy individuals who had done well in their respective carriers.

The golf course club named Victoria Golf Club was $70,000 to join, and $10,000 / year to stay a member. If that tells you anything about the type of people that live in the area.

Enjoy these 180 photos of our day in Victoria British Columbia Canada[slideshow_deploy id=’3252′]