2016 Season Is Here

As warmer weather has been approaching, my desire to get the RV out for a spin has exponentially increased. ?Finally with heavy rain on Tuesday of this week, and again on Thursday, I decided Wednesday would be a good and dry day to rotate the RV to face the open roads and be ready at a moments notice. ? Well, that moment has arrived.

This short but gorgeous weekend has been nothing less than spectacular. ?The weather could not be more perfect, and all our usual camping friends were able to join us. ?Some camped with us and others just joined for a meal and a campfire visit. ? Our children and grand kids also came to visit and roast marshmallows on the campfire. ?I would say I have been blessed with overwhelming abundant joyful life experiences this weekend.

We always enjoy Lake Guntersville State Park in North Alabama because of the breath taking views of mountains and the lake. ?With that scenic view comes natural wildlife as well. ?We have seen abundant deer including a couple of fairly large bucks. ? The grand kids were in awe of the deer that would just stand motionless like a statue and let us?look at them and take photos.

There were also a couple of bald eagles in flight over the lake looking for fish. ?I wish we could have gotten a good photo of them, but the distance and live motion is not conducive to I-Phone snapshots.

We also went for several long walks through the campground and got our fair share of much needed exercise ?after a long winter of snacking too much. ?We were able to walk the entire circumference of the campground and even out into the rustic tent camping area. ?The view of the lake surrounded by wooded mountains that seemed to be waking up from a winter hibernation was peaceful and relaxing. ? The trees are starting to put on new leaves and some flowering plants were beginning to bloom.

The walk that seemed like 6 miles to me and my wife was only 1.5 miles. ?I had to retrace the walk with the car to prove to her that it was 6 miles at least, and I still think something is wrong with her odometer 🙂

Until next trip, here are a few photos of our first of many trips this weekend.[slideshow_deploy id=’1183′]

Happy RVing.

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