Club Memberships

We are enjoying the membership benefits of the following organizations.

Goodsams – gives us % off discounts and coupons for specials at Camping World.? We also have a Goodsams travel planning benefit that helps us plan trips and avoid issues with driving a big rig.? We get 10% off at Goodsams campgrounds and several privately owned campgrounds provide the same discount.

FMCA – family motor coach association.? Provides Michelin Advantage discounts on large RV tires.? It also has a proven track record for valid, up-to-date, helpful information on their forum with most questions being responded to in a reasonable time.? Usually someone else has already had the same problem.

  • FMCA road assist – towing, jump starts, tire changes, vehicle fluids delivery, lock-out assistance, winch-out service
  • FMCAssist, an emergency evacuation/repatriation and emergency medical reunion benefit, is an association-paid member benefit. No sign-up required. Just join FMCA and you are covered.
    • emergency evacuation/repatriation
    • emergency medical reunion
    • return of mortal remains
    • return of dependents
    • RV/vehicle return (limited to North America)
    • pet return.

Monthly FMC MotorCoach magazine subscription included with your membership.

This also qualifies us to join the North Alabama RV’ers chapter (which we did).? They are a fun group of friends to be associated with, and dedicated to providing help for each other, fellowships, and exciting rallies.

The North Alabama RV’ers were chartered in March 2003. We welcome not only families from north Alabama but southern Tennessee and surrounding states as well. We take families from anywhere who want to join us in fun filled weekends every other month. We have a large number of couples who are still working` as well as those who are retired or will be retiring soon. Our annual business meeting to plan our rallies is held in January. Our rallies begin on Thursday evenings with a welcoming gathering for early arrivals. Everyone brings a dish and we eat and enjoy each other’s fellowship. We have hosts for each rally` who are in charge of planning the activities for the weekend. Usually Friday mornings are free to explore the area on your own or with a group. Friday evenings we normally have a potluck dinner. Breakfast is prepared by the hosts. Saturday evening` the members usually go to a restaurant` but it is left entirely up to the hosts as to what happens on Saturday evening. We sometimes have a special program on Saturday evening and the food is planned by the hosts. Nothing is set in stone and we just enjoy visiting and having a great relaxing time. Our membership is usually 40 to 50 families` but 13-18 families attending any one rally is usually the norm for a gathering. With the economy like it has been` we only had 8 families at the Shrimp Festival this year` where last year we had 18. However many we have attending our rallies we have fun and would like to have anyone interested in our chapter contact our president` Bob connell. You’ll be glad you did!!!

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