Alaska 2022 Juneau (day 3)

After a great nights sleep during the ship’s continued sailing onto Juneau, we ate a hearty, healthy, flavorful, and fresh assortment of breakfast options. Then we walked down to deck 3 and checked out of the ship and departed for a day of shopping and sight seeing in Juneau.

The staff were all hyper sensitive about covid and all wore masks even though the guests were not required to do so. As you enter the “Wind Jammer” buffet area, you were greeted by a staff member that would detour you through the hand washing station as he shouted ” WASHY WASHY, YUMMY , YUMMY “. As I am one who needs coffee before jokes, humor, or conversation in general, I wanted to smile and tell them good morning, but I was deficient in caffein and it didn’t happen.

Juneau is the capitol of Alaska, but is also land locked from the rest of the state. You either fly or boat into the capitol city. There is an “Air Taxi” that operates in and out of the same port we were docked.

Our first excursion was to ride the Mt. Roberts Tramway up the 2000+ foot elevation via cable car up to the shop and restaurant. The food was good but mostly sandwiches and fries. The shop was mostly souvenirs and gifts so we didn’t purchase anything there. The most enjoyable part of that excursion was the cool air, and unbelievable views.

Here are almost 200 photos from a great day 3 in Juneau.

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