2017 Yellowstone Cookout Wagon Ride

Since Sunday was a bust due to 2 different cases of? “Buffalo herds in the road” delays that cost us 3 hours of time just sitting still in traffic.? We decided to make the most of Monday. ? We rode the entire Northern Circle around Yellowstone from Madison to Gibbon Falls to Norris to Mammoth Hot Springs to Tower Roosevelt to Canyon Village back to Madison and then out the West Entrance.

In all we have driven the “toad” a little under 700 miles so far, since we left our home town of Arab Alabama.?? Honestly it doesn’t seem like we have been driving that much with all the breath taking scenery and wildlife to enjoy.?? There is the expectation and hope of seeing a new type of animal at any turn.

We stopped tonight at Roosevelt Lodge to take a wagon ride out to an open valley campfire and cookout.? It was probably as good of a steak as you would get anywhere.?? The “fixin’s” were especially good.? We had steak, potato salad, cowboy beans, corn, slaw, watermelon, apple crisp for dessert and a choice of soft drink or tea.? I was reluctant to sign up for this and my expectations were low but I was very pleasantly surprised.?? During the eventing we saw a black bear hiding in the brush, a coyote came a little too close for comfort, and a few buffalo passed by the eating area without giving us so much as a glance.

Please enjoy the slide deck of Sunday and Monday at Yellowstone and a ride into Idaho, just to say we did.

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