2 weeks after getting home


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When we reached home, we parked everything, unloaded and pretty much just took it easy for a few days after getting home from such a long but wonderful journey across this great nation.?? After resting and catching up on mail, lawn care, and other items we fixed all the little tiny things that broke or stopped working during the trip.?? Nothing major, just things like the snap on velcro strap that holds the awning arms stationary while driving, and the backup camera went on the fritz.?? It turned out that the antenna was either in the wrong position or had oxidation on the connection.?? I moved it from vertical pointing up, to vertical pointing down and the camera started working again.

small-norma-wayne-lake_141503However,? We found that our upstairs, and downstairs hvac unit were not working and we had to get both of them repaired.? Our upstairs thermostat registered 04….. which on a 2 digit display meant 104.? It turned out to not be too serious, but we were grateful to get it fixed in this 99+ degree weather in North Alabama.? The toad air conditioner went out during the trip, but only on the return trip of our last time to use it on the excursion to Monument Valley.? It was the most expensive to fix, but still worth every penny in this heat.

20150604_111643We are now planning our next trip which will be up the east coast to Maine and maybe even Nova Scotia.? We are looking for points of interest on the way through Knoxville, Hershey and Harrisburg PA,? to Maine. ? We took a year to budget and plan for our past trip and we will probably take the same amount of time to plan and budget for our next journey.

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