Second Day – Mt Vernon IL to Sioux Falls SD

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We started the day early (7:30 a.m.)? and were still a bit tired with only 5 hours sleep, but we are anxious to get on to the major points of interest. ? While we were driving we saw things like the Kansas City Royals stadium, the St. Lois archway and a lot of interesting scenery. With Steven driving part of the way, we arrived at Sioux Falls SD at 10:00 p.m. but it was still pretty much daylight outside.? We dry docked in a Sam’s Club parking lot next to the Wal-Mart because there was still a lot of traffic in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

We saw deer, landscape that looked like “The Shire” in the Hobbit, two large round bails of hay in the middle of the interstate that apparently had just been dropped.? Everyone in front of me was slamming on their breaks, and I had to as well.? Just so happened Norma was up in the RV at the time, and she fell and cut her foot.? We also found that there is more sections of road IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION, than not. !!?? Some spots I was sure we were going to hit the concrete barriers because they were so narrow.

Just as we were leaving Iowa and about to reach the South Dakota state line,? we were met with all our cell phones alarming a weather alert.? Tornado warnings, tornado in the area. (see images in the slide show). ? So we pulled the RV off the interstate at the first exit along with all other interstate drivers. ? We did see that the McDonald’s could accommodate large vehicles so we pulled in there and waiting till the excitement was over and the siren stopped alarming.?? See slide show below for today’s photos.

Starting today with a drive to see the Falls at Sioux Falls.

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