From our many trips to Guntersville State Park recently, below are a few of the photos of deer, geese, skunks, mountains, lakes, sunsets, etc.? We even witnessed an albino skunk one time, while pretty to see, and rare to witness it was still a skunk, and we kept our distance.

Gulf Shores Gator
Gator spotted looking out of Gulf Shores State Park lake looking for dinner.

One time at Gulf Shores State Park in Alabama, we saw the eyes and snout of a gator sitting silently in the calm waters behind the camp store and laundrymat.? Our kids were small enough not to realize the danger as was walking down to the lake area.? I guess the fear in my voice struck a nerve with them because they actually stopped when I screamed at them which was not the normal expected outcome.




Seen below are Deer, Ducks, and Friends that have made our trips fun, educational, and entertaining.