Eat Healthier while RVing

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I just read about a new diet that sounded like a good one to try.??? The plan is a simple one that doesn’t require detailed calorie counts, avoiding tasty foods, or even complicated pairing of food types. It appeals to us because of its simplicity and common sense. The 9-Inch plate diet is not your typical diet plan. It is more about the size of the plate that the food that is on it.?? However, the common sense part would indicate that you should NOT eat a 9 inch plate full of banana pudding. It is also a great plan since living in the RV and on the road requires smaller plates, bowls, and cooking hardware anyway.? It should be easier to store and use the 9 inch disposable plates are available at most campground stores.

These facts come from Alex Bogusky, author of The 9-Inch “Diet”:

* FACT – 95 percent of dieters regain the weight after five years.
* FACT – The average American dinner plate has grown from 9 inches to 12 inches since 1970.
* FACT – Due to larger plates we’re now consuming more than 300 excess calories per day.
* FACT – Our bodies have kept pace growing with our plates.

The cure is for us to return to 9 inch plates. This stems from a curious thought about which plate has more foodportions, food and waistlines. Alex did the research and shares the findings to help with all of us who tend to eat until its gone to prevent hurting someones feelings, or to keep from having to eat left-overs.

The 9-Inch “Diet” is eye opening. We as consumers are being deceived by being offered larger and larger portions for that extra couple of dollars or cents. This increases profits, but also increases our waist sizes. What is now a small cup size was once a large.? Average plate sizes have increased 33% or more leading us to take in more than 300 extra calories per day just because the plate holds more delicious food. This is exposed with images to compare sizes over the last 40 years in effort to curb our eating habits.

Following this plan is easy. Simply replace your dinner plates with your salad plates. You can even use paper plates for our RVing life style as they are typically 9 inches in diameter. On those occasions where we are? eating out, simply ask for a salad plate with your meal and eat the portion that fits on the smaller plate and save the rest for a later meal.

Reducing the size of your plate reduces the amount of calories you are likely to consume.? This is perfect for the RVing lifestyle, and leaves few excuses whether you are RVing or living full time in your RV.? The bottom line is that we all need to live a healthier lifestyle, and most of this requires common sense and this helps us with? moderation.

Hope this helps inspire you to try this and happy weight loss and healthier life.