Extra Money

Earn extra money with technology

I have been blessed to be able to enjoy my career/life in the I.T. or computer field for 30+years now.? I started with first line help desk support, then to developing applications for manufacturing and hospitals, and developing automation programming for assembly automation and testing equipment. I eventually ended up traveling on a fast paced agenda for IBM, to now managing people who manage systems that monitor NASA’s corporate network world wide.

I always enjoyed my job and the wonderful people that I have been blessed to work with. I made many life long friends in this career, (some of who go camping with me around the U.S.A.),? but It is time to step out of the 24x7x365 on call support stress and do something I can do at my leisure like monitized web sites, and doing web pages for customers and small businesses.

Earn extra money

First – There are no valid get rich quick schemes. ? You only get out what you put in to anything. ?Work requires effort, but it is fun when you enjoy what you do. ?I enjoy creating and supporting web pages for myself, my family and customers. while traveling at my own pace in our RV.? This inspires me to do more research, find new ways to earn extra money, and still travel with a modest budget. We do not make a lot of extra money, but my wife and I do find ways to save a lot of money with coupons and sales, and living a modest lifestyle.

This blog not only serves as a way for us to share our experience and adventures with our family and friends.? It also provides some benefit to our readers with Google AdSense providing context related links to advertisers.? This is a common practice and believe it or not, it isn’t very difficult to get setup and running, but it is rather demanding on adding new content that isn’t boring or mundane.

Some good links to investigate and ponder ideas from are:

  • Amazon.com – MTURK.com
  • elance.com – a job search and employee search site for online short term contract I.T. related work
  • ebay.com – Create a user account so you can buy and sell items on ebay that you enjoy collecting and trading. Norma used to do collectible and extinct pattern tableware and china. You might be surprised how much someone would pay for a gravy bowl or salt shaker when they broke the only one they had and can’t find it in stores.

We hope this gives you some inspiration on how you can live your dreams and enjoy life without needing a lot of extra money, but just learning to appreciate what you have and live within your means.?? God has created a wonderful world and we only get one chance at life to enjoy as much of it as we can.GSV-Sunset-2015