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Alaska 2022 ( day 2 )

Day 2 of our cruise was all sailing North in the Pacific headed to Juneau. We were curious as to what all the ship has to offer for entertainment and dining. As with all our past cruises, we were amazed at the huge ship’s height and length. More than once, we got lost looking for our room.

Our stateroom attendant was always working no matter what time of the day we were leaving or returning to the room. His name was Imam, and he cleaned every time we left and returned. Not just a once per day cleaning. ( wow – not used to that at home 😉

We ate a wonderful breakfast in the main dining room named “American Icon Grill”. Luckily, we only had to ride the elevator down 2 floors and a short walk to get there. They had fresh fruit, custom made omelets, all sorts of pastries, pancakes, waffles, etc. Service was way over the top with multiple wait staff attending to our needs.

We walked at least 100 miles ( may be a stretch ) on day 2 just trying to locate everything. There was a hot dog stand in the youth area next to the bumper cars. The quietest and warmest spot on the ship was in the adult only swimming and hot tub area. What a fantastic view from the front of the ship on the 14th floor.

Finally, we found the surfing simulator, mountain climbing wall, and parachute simulator. However, we decided against doing any of that because we didn’t want to show anyone up at how skilled we are in those areas 😉

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Alaska 2022

Photos from our first day flying from Home to Atlanta to the ship. We almost missed the boat while waiting in the wrong bus/taxi line. Turns out the cruise shuttles are 3 stories below ground and we didn’t figure that out until the last bus was collecting any stray passengers to transport to the ship. When we arrived all the “welcoming committee” was yelling ” HURRY UP ” !

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