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GSV-motorhome-shotAs we move toward our Retirement years we are looking to cut our cost.  We started by looking into our insurance policies on our home, two cars, and our motor home.  We checked around at several places, and talked to a Insurance broker.  He reviewed our policies, and found where we could save $70.00  a month.  This was comparable to what we have now, except that the deductible was a little higher.  We have changed over to the new company, and I think we will be well satisfied with our choice.

iphone6-select-2014Another thing we checked into was our cell phone bill.  We cut off the 4G service to our two tablets.  They have lowered the price of data, plus we lowered the amount of  data we are paying for which saved us more money.  Just calling and talking to some one we found out about $40.00 more savings.

dellWe have also changed our internet service.  We are going from $117.00 a month to $39.95 a month just by changing providers to a new customer introductory rate.   That rate lasts for a year so the savings is worth it and the bandwidth is better.


GodBlessAmerica2013February is our car tag month, so we were looking for savings here also.  We have bought speciality tags the past few year, and we decided not to this year, which saved us around $100.00.



We have also eliminated the cost of cable TV/Dish, by using a couple of internet ROKU appliances and our internet connection to provide better on demand programming than what we had with satellite.   Not that the service was bad, but $89.00 per month is a lot for the little amount of TV we watch, and nothing was suitable for family entertainment anyway.


Just on the items above we saved $285.00 a month. This is just food for thought – I’m sure you may have other items in your budget line items.  The point is to go through them all one at a time, and compare rates with competitors and make the decision if you really want to pay for a service and if you are getting that amount of value for your money.




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